Putting the “Us” in Music

Representation in music matters.

My research seeks to address equity in the twenty-first century double bass solo repertoire through an intersectional approach to living women composers that takes into account race, gender, class, age, nationality, etc. To accomplish this, I commissioned a selection of works by women composers representing diverse set of demographics and backgrounds. There are still other avenues of diversity, equity, and inclusion that need to be addressed in double bass repertoire, academia, and many more voices (both composers and performers) that need to be heard.

More information coming soon. See you at the ASTA Conference! – annual reports on charitable giving across non-profit sectors

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Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide (2009) [4 pages] produced by Meet the Composer, Inc. (now New Music USA) to determine a standard commission fee. This guide was recommended to me by several composers as I brainstormed this project.

Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide (2009) [10 pages] produced by Meet the Composer, Inc. (now New Music USA)

Johanna Keller’s An Individual’s Guide to Commissioning Music (2003), a published booklet that contained stories from eight individuals (ages 50+ with disposable income) and their commissioning experience. However, the commissioning costs mentioned in the booklet might be unrealistic for smaller projects. In my experience, all of the composers were willing to work within my more limited project budget.

Community centric fundraising movement (CFF). As mentioned on CFF website, while the majority of philanthropy in the US comes from individual donors, “traditional ways of fundraising uphold patriarchy, classism, white supremacy and other structural oppressions.”

Vu Le’s blog Nonprofit AF

Collecting Courage: Joy, Pain, Freedom, Love; Anti-Black Racism in the Charitable Sector (Montpelier, Vermont: Rootstock Publishing, 2021) , a “collection of personal experiences written by Black fundraisers.”

Cincinnati Grant Resource Center: in-person and online access to grant databases for non-profits and individuals

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