Dr. Kate Alexandra, DMA (she/her) is a private teacher, educator, and performer based in Chicagoland. In 2019, Kate earned her doctorate in double bass performance with a cognate in arts administration from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music.

Throughout her career, Kate has been an advocate of arts education as a way to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. She embodied this praxis with her doctoral project in which she commissioned a selection of works by nine women composers and highlighted the need for representation among composers and inclusion among bass performers. Her dedication to bringing new and different perspectives to double bass repertoire resulted in the recording of these works, as well as a world premiere at the International Society of Double Bassists Convention in 2023.

As an educator, Kate has consistently sought ways to increase access and representation as an extension of her doctoral research. Most recently, Kate taught remote lessons to her students at Withrow University High School (Cincinnati, OH), where she had previously held several workshops, coached chamber music, and instructed group lessons. Kate presented educational workshops for high school students on topics such as efficient and effective practice methods, bowing distribution, and ear training. These workshops were sponsored and funded in part by concert:nova and the Benjamin Carlson-Berne Scholarship Fund, whose mission is to expose economically disadvantaged children and youth to classical music. From 2017 to 2019, Kate worked as the music theory instructor and teaching assistant at the Cincinnati Double Bass Institute. Kate has also delivered a presentation for music specialists on chamber music with double bass obbligato. In 2019, Kate premiered five new works with double bass for Cincinnati Soundbox at the 21c Museum Hotel.

Throughout her career, Kate has participated in summer festivals including the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival as a Professional Fellow studying with Mr. Jeff Bradetich and Dr. Gudrun Raschen (2017) and Sewanee Summer Music Festival studying with Sid King (2013).

She was honored with the Katherine Anne Suber-Whiton Memorial Award for Double Bass Excellence in 2012 and 2010 from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Her influential teachers include Rachel Calin, Albert Laszlo, Maurice Todd, Paul Erhard, Nick Recuber, Jenny West, Miriam Bijkerk, Jason Heath, and Jamie Chen. Kate performs on a contrabass labeled Josef Chramosta Nove Benatry from 1880 that was recently restored by the Cincinnati Bass Cellar.

Currently, she is an active member of the ASTA Private Studio Committee and served as a panelist on its roundtable during the 2021 National Conference. Kate is life member of the International Society of Double Bassists.

Sketch of Kate holding bow with bass
Sketch (2019)
ink sketch by Annie Scheumbauer
Watson Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio

Headshot of Kate with Double Bass Scroll
Portrait (2016)
by Jackie Stevens